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Fractal Art

A Fractal image is a mathematical equation transformed by the computer into a visual representation. I use a special software program to transform the chaos and fractal equations into various shapes and then I add the colorings, to create a unique composition based on both the mathematics and my imagination.

Many of my compositions consist of several layers stacked on top of one another to add depth and detail to the image. Much of the coloring is spread naturally through the fractal structure by the mathematics, so developing a visually appealing fractal artwork requires many hours of work with the shapes, colors, and layers.

Fractals are self-similar. That means as you look at the small details, you see smaller versions of the larger structure. If you look closely, you can see tiny spirals embedded in the larger ones. This is part of what makes working with fractals so challenging and gives the fractal images such incredible variety and beauty.

Fractals are found naturally throughout the world, from the structure of a fern or a sunflower to the shape of a coastline. The mathematics of chaos and fractals has widespread applications in science, technology, and economics, as well as in the creation of beautiful works of art.

All of my images are available in varying sizes, and some in varying colors. Many are available in signed and numbered limited giclee editions for serious collectors.

Please email or call me for information about purchasing any of my artwork.

Contact me at cornelia@corneliayoder.com
or by telephone at (231) 421-9271 or by Skype as corneliayoder.

Price Information

My artwork is available as simple color prints, as giclee prints using archival quality inks on high quality glossy, matte, or artist's canvas, as fine art ceramic tiles in varying sizes, on a variety of silk or quilting cotton fabric, and on DVDs. Framing and matting can also be arranged.

Simple Color Prints

Sizes up to 8x10" -- $20
Sizes up to 11x14" -- $28

High Quality Giclee Prints

Sizes up to 8x10" -- $80
Sizes up to 11x14" -- $125
Sizes up to 16x20" -- $175
Sizes up to 48" on the short side -- contact me for specific pricing

Fine Art Ceramic Tiles

These tiles are heat resistant up to about 500 degrees F, with the image sunk into a very hard polymer finish. Although any ceramic is subject to damage by abusive use, these tiles can safely be used for hot dishes and pans.

2"x2" decorative magnet -- $6
8"x8" magnetic tile puzzle (set of 16 2"x2" magnetic tiles forming one image) -- $59   (larger size puzzles available)
3.5" round ceramic coasters with cork back -- $39/set of 4
4"x4" ceramic tile with cork back or easel back -- $12
6"x6" ceramic tile with cork back or easel back -- $24
8"x8" ceramic tile with cork back and hanger -- $38
12" x 12" ceramic tile with masonite back and picture-style wire hanger -- $50
Tiled murals for backsplashes, countertops and floors for your home or business -- contact me for specific pricing

4", 6" and 8" tiles can be framed in an attractive black wire trivet frame for an additional $10
Most Popular Tile Designs

Fractal DVDs

Cornelia's Fractal Art on DVD with classical background music. These DVDs will autoplay on your TV's DVD player or your PC!
Fractal Magic
245 fractal images
Approximately 40 minutes
$35 plus shipping

Quilting Fabric

Premium Quilting Weight 100% cotton fabric with a soft hand, easy to sew
42" wide printable area (107 cm)
4.5 oz per square yard
Thread count: 60 x 60
Appropriate for quilting, shirting, blouses, dresses, children's clothing
Estimated shrinkage: 2% in length and 3% in width
Wash on delicate setting, warm or cool using phosphate-free detergent
Available on silk and a variety of other fabrics, contact me for specifics

Any fractal design, single panel or tiled -- $60/yard
Fractal Fabric Projects

Fractal Pet Art

A FANTASTIC PERSONALIZED GIFT!! I will create a custom picture for you, combining YOUR pet's picture with my fractal art, in ways similar to the pictures you see in the gallery. You can choose any of the fractals you see there, and have your pet's photo incorporated into the image.

You will email me a digital photo of your pet, and I will put it into a fractal image, print a high-resolution art print, and mail it to you. The photo you send should be taken against a solid color high-contrast background. That means if your pet is white, take the photo against a black background, and vice versa. Your pet's pose in the photo should approximate that which you see in the examples. The image needs to be at least 1000x1000 pixels, and emailed to me in .bmp format.

The price of $45 includes one pet photo in an 8"x10" simple color print. Additional pets in the same image are $10 additional per pet photo. An 11"x14" color print is an additional $8. These sizes and larger sizes are available in high quality giclee prints. Different fractal images from my website, or even custom-created Fractal Art with a particular color, are available by negotiation.

Prices do not include mattes, frames, or shipping. Custom matting and framing is available at additional cost, contact me for your specific needs.

Purchases can be made by emailing or calling me with the specifications of what you want to order.

Payments can be made by check, credit card or PayPal.

Contact me at cornelia@corneliayoder.com
or by telephone at (231) 421-9271 or by Skype as corneliayoder.

If you would like to view examples of my fractal artwork set in motion and accompanied by music and special effects, please go to www.permanenttreasures.com!

All images on this website are Cornelia Yoder.
Unauthorized use is prohibited.