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Permanent Treasures

Permanent Treasures, specializing in Dynamic DVD Slideshows, has created a beautiful demonstration using my fractal artwork set in motion to music! You can view it at www.permanenttreasures.com


The program I use for creating the artwork is called UltraFractal! You can view the UltraFractal webpage at www.ultrafractal.com

Other Fractal Artists

Here is a partial list of some other excellent fractal artists

Fractal Bay -- Collette Bailey
Hidden Dimension Galleries -- Ron Barnett
I Dream In Color -- Keith Mackay
David Makin's Fractal Art
The Infinite Art of Janet Parke
Fractal Fantasies -- Diane Walker

If you would like to view examples of my fractal artwork set in motion and accompanied by music and special effects, please go to www.permanenttreasures.com!

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